Rowley Regis Rowley Regis Birmingham Road, Blackheath. 117201734 Birmingham Rd Looking towards the village 117201735 Looking up Blackheath High St 117201736 117201737 Lower part ofHigh Street, Blackheath 117201738 Church Street Blackheath 114345245 Upper part of High Street, Blackheath 117201739 Beeches Road, Blackheath 114345529 Long Lane 117201740 Market Place, Blackheath 117201741 Birmingham Road looking towards Rowley Village, Methodist Church on the left. 114345548 Coombes Wood canal showing the remains of the steelworks, an eirie place. 114438501 another view of Coombes wood 114438502 114438504 Coombes Wood Canal entrance to Gorsty Hill tunnel 114438505 Cottages in Station Rd Old Hill near Gorsty Hill once the hamlet of Slack Hillock 114438515 Cottages in Station Rd Old Hill near Gorsty Hill once the hamlet of Slack Hillock 114438516 Yew Tree Lane looking upwards from Powke Lane 114438528 Yew Tree Lane 114438542 Top of Powke Lane Previously a farm house 117020941 Edgebaston Vestry Hall Window frames and doors made from fused and moulded Rowley Rag by Henry Adcock and Chance Bros. 114865306 Steel Works at Coombes Wood in its heyday 117020943 white slave of england 117020944 Whites 1834 117580380 Whites 1834 117580381 Whites 1834 117580382 Whites 1834 117580383 Long Lane, Blackheath 118206132 Long Lane, Blackheath 118206133 Powke Lane, Blackheath Looking down towards the War Memorial 118206434 Shell Corner, Blackheahe Note the shell on the island 118206435 Waterfall Lane, Blackeath 118206436 Waterfall Lane, Blackheath 118206437 Long Lane, Blackheath St Pauls is on the left 118206373 Ashley Street 142064457 Back yards 142064458 Birmingham Rd 142064459 The Black Country 142064460 Pit Pony 142064461 Black Country 142064462 Canal boats 142064463 Black Country dress 142064464 Chain shop interior 142064465 Churchills, halesowen st blackheath 142064466 Dudley poor house 142064467 Beeches Rd 142064468 Forge 142064469 Nailers tools 142064470 Nailors riots Dudley 1840 142064471 Nail shop 142064472 Cottage interior 142064473 142064474 Old Hill 142064475 Ploughing 142064476 Shell Corner 142064477 Haden Hall The Old Hall in Haden Hill Park 159320054 Haden Hall 159320055 Bull Terriers Pride of the Black Country 159320056 Old Hill Iron Works in 1920 172673823 Rowley Regis charter madal 1922 194379926 The Gate at Whiteheath 194379927 The olde Cross, Old Hill 194379928 The Tipton Slasher in Alsops Quarry 203503088 Chainmaking 203503089 Rowley Rag kerb stones Rowley's most famous export although you may not realise it, hand trimmed Rowley kerb stones once edging the foot paths and roads all over England, many abound in the Black Country today. 180577626 194380956 194380957 194380958