Books on Rowley Books on Rowley "Rowley Regis, a History" The recently published History of Rowley Regis by Edward Chitham, a retired ex Rowley Regis Grammar School teacher and academic, once again an extensive history from the authors own researches, available on Amazon 152550827 "Rowley" There are five books available on the subject of Rowley, two by local historian Anthony Page in the Britain through old photographs series, ?Rowley? and ?Rowley Revisited? both are excellent and can be found on Amazon. 152550828 "The History of the Black Country" The first attempt at a History of Rowley is ?The History of the Black Country?- with special reference to Rowley- by J Wilson Jones, first published in the 1950 and now available from Royston Slim at Janus Books, Halesowen. This is an extensive history of the area from the earliest times written by a Rowley librarian. 152550829 A Pocketfull of Memories" ?A pocketful of Memories? by Irene M Davies contains the authors early 20th century memories of her childhood in Rowley Village, published by the Kates Hill Press a small independent publisher, there is a link to their website in ?links 152550830 "Rowley Revisited" A sequel from Anthony Page. 152551261