Rowley People Rowley People The Darby Tribe of Blackheath Joe Darby on the far left, married to Nellie Tromans on the far right. 179774245 Rev George Barrs Influencial Curate who was responsible for the rebuilding of the first Rowley Church 98056569 The Gaunt Twins Outside the Old Bush around 1923 114438512 the Gaunt Twins 114438513 George Tromans The last Jews Harp maker in Rowley around 1952 114438514 Madge Rose The note on the photo says this is Madge Rose, from the Cock Inn, Springfield, Carnival Queen 1931. It was recently sent in by one of our members who would like to know more about it. 183011291 Chain makers 142064478 Chain makers 142064479 coal picking in Rowley Regis maybe at the time if one of the many miners strikes prior to 1922 114438500 Jethro Siddaway 131152714 A Black Country Man at leisure Note the flat cap the dog and the jug of home brew 159318651 Nailer at work Jack Harris in his foundry at the back of the entry in pic 139 180577630 Rowley United 1906 can anyone identify the players. 180577631 Ferdinando Tromans 183011745 tommy smart england and aston villa 194380000 rowley C of E school 1915 203503282 Dancing around the Maypole Doulton Rd School 1952 203503285 Doulton Rd School Violin Class 1952 203503286 Endowed Mission Sunday School 1953 203503287 National School Class 203503288 203503291